Medical Instrument Reprocessing

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  • Disinfection of Impression MaterialsBecause they are applied directly in the mouth, impression materials are heavily contaminated with blood and saliva. A disinfec¬tant for impression materials must have high cleaning power and at the same time it must guarantee the form stab...Read More
  • Hand HygieneWash, disinfect, and care – there are many aspects to hand hygiene. That makes it all the more important to properly execute all the procedural steps in order to ensure a complete disinfection and avoid skin irritations. Not only are hands ...Read More
  • Anti-corrosive, ready-to-use solution for the disinfection and cleaning of rotary dental and surgical instruments.

  • Hydroalcoholic gel for the hygienic (30 seconds) and surgical (90 seconds) hand disinfection.

  • Innovative liquid concentrate for the fast-acting and economical disinfection of dental impressions.

  • Concentrated chemical sterilant powder for the disinfection, cold sterilization, and cleaning of medical devices.